Our Kareley...

Our Kareley...

June 23, 2015 13:11
Hello, another short message from Karely, 6 years in my golden basket on July 2nd.
Fabienne, you can sleep peacefully at night, I am doing fine.
As you can see in the photo’s, I have improved a lot and take my long walks in the buggy, they became a bit too much for my short paws and I had an operation in February. I played a bit too rough with my big sister and hurt the ligaments from my right hind leg, this gave me a limp.
The vet has repaired my leg and I needed revalidation during 8 weeks. I had to take it easy, no jumping and…..But now everything is fine again.
I will come to Spain again shortly because I do miss the sun and the warmth.

Kareley and family.



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