Paulo home

Paulo home

March 14, 2015 11:39
We are very happy with our sweetheart Paulo!!! Thanks!!
We were looking for a dog that liked cats....
And that's true.....He likes cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and people :-)
But we have underestimated our cat Bolletje :-(
She has a difficult time with Paulo (fear) and she even attacked him in the beginning.....
Not nice for Paulo because he is a soft, scared, devoted dog who loves hugs, brushing and a lot of attention! The last few days it is a bit better so we are hopeful!
We have adopted Bolletje 4 years ago (Poezennestje-Kapellen) and she was an abused/neglected skinny cat, who is now, after much love, patience, cuddles and nice food, a spoilt 'queen of the house'.

When we went to collect Paulo at Zaventem he was so scared.....He didn't want to leave his bench and pushed himslf against the wall with his tail on his belly, he didn't eat or drink....
He suffers fom Leishmania and fear for cars, motors, busses, trains, bikes, walking on a leash is quite a challenge and he is rather protective :(
Every morning, afternoon and evening we give him his medication and we are working on his fear.
Paulo is a full time job and there have been busy days and short nights but he is so sweet and we love him so much :)
Because Paulo doesn't have a play mate at home, I regularly take him to a playing field in the neighborhood and when we are lucky there are dogs and he can play and run. It takes us a long time to get there because he sometimes stands still, stiff with fear and the walking is not going really well...
But every day he takes a step in the right direction!!
I have added some photo's: close to us on his blancket by the fire and one on the playing field.
Thanks for your support!!
We are very happy with Paula and he apparantly also :)
He is now sleeping on his pillow with his fluffy blancket.

Sunny greetings from Kapellen,
Brigitte, Christoph and a paw from Paulo!



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