Petrouscka Home

Petrouscka Home

November 21, 2014 12:05
Shawna (Petrouscka) has really come home. She is, like I was told during the first telephone conversation, a dream dog. She is sweet, devoted, pretty and very friendly to each and everybody who lives here, including the cats and chickens. Like the other dogs, food is very important to her. They are all three, to say in a nice way, monsters. Wonderful! I had not expected that she would feel at home so soon as you can see in the film. I had expected that she would have needed a bit more time. I looked at her many times, in your you-tube film, but what I filmed today I had not seen yet.
Because she has been living in the shelter for almost a year. It gave me a great feeling to see her so happy. The black dog is Iniesta (before Maurits), the sweetheart who has been beaten so much that he was crawling when he came to me. He still has trauma’s but as you can see he is very happy in our home and we accept him as he is.
I really hope that Shawna will never be bothered by her Leishmania and will become very old, just to compensate for her miserable first years.
I will keep you informed.




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