Placido domingo, now Jef

Placido domingo, now Jef

May 29, 2015 14:17
I would like to give you a small update about our sweet (blind) Jef (your Placido Domingo).
In general I can say everything is going well with him, he enjoys the garden, the chair, Wolfje (his shadow) and cuddles…….And we are enjoying him!
It hasn’t been easy to integrate him into our pack: Things have been difficult with Swa (my oldest). They had a fight twice, which is really dangerous. Swa is very small and was injured twice, luckily not too bad. We now know the trigger for Jef (combination of stress by loud noise, unknown people and food close by) so we pay attention.
Some weeks after he arrived he became very attached and developed fear of being abandoned. After a complaint from the neighbors I have started intensively bench training and that is going well. He will never become very happy when we leave but his bench is now his house and the closeness of Wolfje also helps.

This was the negative part but there are so many good things to tell!
He loves to cuddle, is very sweet and listens well. I go run with him (10 km), he enjoys this very much and so do we.  We also do cani-cross but only in well known areas. When we visit new places he walks behind me and I guide him. This relies on trust and he does this beautifully.
When we go for walks I sometimes let him run free, he now knows the command ‘watch out!’ and this helps him to avoid obstacles. I have to pay attention all the time because he is sometimes over confident ?
He is still a hunting dog, blind or not! Yesterday I was walking with him through a field and suddenly he disappeared. He returned with a rabbit paw, found by smell. He hasn’t lost his instinct!!
I must pay attention :-)
In short: our Jef is happy and so are we. Just watching him enjoying himself, makes up for the difficult start. And when someone pays me a compliment because ‘you have to do it, taking a blind dog into your home’ I always say: it was a risk but it doesn’t bother me nor am I sorry!
He is doing so well that most people don’t realize he is blind, until I tell them……

Thanks again for all the good care that you have given him as an organization and as people.
When you have the possibility you can give this info to the German girl who saved him……

Jan and Lien, Swa,Wolf, Miel and Jef (aka Placido Domingo).



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