Riva, Before Belladonna

Riva, Before Belladonna

January 10, 2015 12:20
Hello, my name is Belladonna and I would like to tell you about my golden basket.
I arrived at Eindhoven airport on July 19th, 2013. I was about 6 months old and everything was scary and exiting.
My bosses have given me a new name: Riva. In my new home I have a large new bench where I can sleep when I am alone. There is also a thick and soft cushion where I lie when they are at home. They also have a large garden where I can play. My favorite toy is a plastic flower pot; I throw it in the air, roll and run with it. My bosses think it is great that I love cheap material.

During the first week we went to the vet for a check-up. I was suffering from a bit of kennel cough and I was malnourished. How surprising. I received some medication and everything was fine. On the second day I stole a hamburger from the countertop; I wasn’t used to the idea of being fed every day. Now I wait my turn. I always get an egg on Sundays. I recognize the sound when my bosses start peeling the egg. Salivating, I wait until the egg is put into my feeding bowl. Yammie!

It is clear that I originate from Spain: I love the sun. If the sun shines at some spot in the living room, that is the place where you will find me. I do nice things with my bosses. We often go for walks and then I love to play with other dogs or with a stick or a ball. In the summer we often go for trips on the boat and that is great. I stand watch and sniff all the smells. When we moor somewhere I play ball or dig up a mouse hole or I laze in the sun. Swimming is not my cup of tea but paddling is fine. Going on a bike tour is also great fun! I run as fast as I can and my boss can’t keep up with me. When my bosses go on holiday I also come with them. We go to a warm country and I lie in the sun and play. I enjoy flying insects and try to catch them but my bosses don’t agree.
In winter I am allowed on the beach and when we go, that’s big fun for me, especially when there are other dogs to play with. I run like crazy and after an hour I am still not tired.
In short; I am having a great time in Holland and I am lucky with my golden basket. I wish all dogs would have a place like this!



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