Rufino, ... Kiri

Rufino, ... Kiri

Hereby a mail to let you know how Kiri is doing. 

He indeed is very afraid, we had to carry him from the arrivals hall to the car... and he is not lightweighted ;-)

We left him alone as much as possible and meanwhile his bench is a safe haven. He takes he food but is awaiting and he observes everything that is happening here. 

After 3 years we slowly see some small improvements. I challenge him everyday to come from the bench to the garden, which he accepts. 
When he comes in the garden, he is curious and pees and poops there. 

Yesterday he was in the garden with Laura and Pitu and he didn't leave Lauras side.  Remarkable how much safer he feels in her presence!
This morning, much to our surprise, he was playing like a puppy with Pitu! We would have never thought that some much action would come out of him.
Pitu and Kiri get along really well and that makes us really happy. 

It will take a lot of time and patience to make his fears disappear, but we have a gained a wonderful dog/ friend, thank you!

Kind regards, Laura and Koen



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