Sali Nino Kiki and Pippa

Sali Nino Kiki and Pippa

December 27, 2014 15:45
We, Sali, Nino, Kikki and Pippa, have been adopted some years ago by our mama Nancy and papa Bruno. We could never have dreamt that we would live such a life of luxury after our Spanish adventures, this exceeds all our expectations!
We are surrounded by so much love and attention here, we have wonderful baskets, toys and snacks.
Of course the food is also great, we have a choice out of 4 different kinds of food and at night we get chicken and rice. The best moment of the day is when mama and papa go to bed because we are also allowed to come in their bed and they enjoy it just as much as we do.
Mama and papa often say that adopting us was the best they ever did and they don’t regret it for a second. Mama would love to adopt a 5th SHIN dog in the summer but first she has to convince papa, but we will help her with our cute and sweet faces!
We want to wish all SHIN dogs a magical and shining Christmas and hopefully you will all be adopted!
Of course we also wish the people of ACE a great Christmas and a wonderful 2015 because without you we wouldn’t have been here and we couldn’t have enjoyed our luxury life!
Again a big merci for everything!

Fat licks from Sali, Nino, Kiki and Pippa and warm end of year greetings from the mama and papa Nancy & Bruno



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