Salsa, now Fay

Salsa, now Fay

February 11, 2015 13:32
My first year in my ‘Golden Basket’, well forget about the basket, I prefer the bed of my bosses!
My name is Fay, before I was called Salsa. Today, February 9th, it is exactly 1 year ago that I arrived at Schiphol. I was a birthday present for my mama from her sister Ellen.
When I arrived I was very tired and scared, I walked up to everyone except my mama. I liked everyone better than her but that has completely changed now.
When we left Schiphol we went to the Vondelpark. I met my new sister Nikki there on neutral grounds. We were immediately good friends, even partners in crime!
A lot has happened this year, I even had to go to school!!! At the beginning I didn’t like it, I was afraid of the other dogs. But I learned fast and now I am very happy to go to school where I can jump and run. It took me a long time to become house trained but now I know I have to do everything outside. I am a big fan of the beach! The first few times I didn’t like the sand and the water but now I can’t wait to run and chase the sea gulls. I also love to chase the ball but my sister Nikki is much faster than I am. But sometimes I am more clever and run ahead so that I can get the ball first.
I have lost a few kilos and I notice that I am getting faster! I also love to run beside the bicycle but when I see a bird or a cat I almost pull mama from the bicycle. We have to work on that.
I really am a very sweet dog, mama tells me all the time how happy she is to have me. Well, I am not always sweet, I love to destroy objects
My mama has had 4 dogs but never such a destroyer as I am, is what she often says. I am also mean to the cats…....Sometimes I am also not so nice to other dogs. I love to bark at them and Nikki joins in. Mama is very angry then but we think it is funny. She now tries to distract us with sausage when she sees other dogs coming! I have also been on holidays 3 times. Two times to Scotland and one time to Wales. I don’t like the rain and when the sun shines Nikki and I lie down and enjoy it. We remain Spanish of course!
Well, this was my first year in Middelburg. I want to let you know that I am doing very well and I want to thank you for 1,5 years that you have taken care of me.

Lots of love from Fay!



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