On february 4th of this year, Sammie came to live with us. We have found such a great dog through Ace!
In the 3 months that he has been living with us now, he became friends with our Johnny (cross markies). How they can play together, unbelievable! Always equal and never if one of them doesn't want to. They are a perfect match, just like we hoped. 
If the date of birth is correct, Sammie became 2 years old this month. Such a playful doggy. During walks (always of the leash in park, on grassland or on the beach) I noticed that Sammie was looking for challenges. He came with pine cones and tree branches. Ran behind runners or bike riders. And oh, also a horse, such fun, and there he went. Luckily he returned quickly, but of course he wasn't meant to do that. The problem was solved quit easily by taking a ball on our walks. 
I really enjoy grooming and noticed that the dogs like that attention. Sammie has a tick curly coat. For the heat and finding ticks easier, I started to shave his coat. Very gentle and with a soft touch. He now is even accepting that I do his legs. 
Compare to the coat (with bold spots as seen on the film on the site) like Ace found him with, he now looks so beautiful. 
Because of the long walks and running around he got a nice atheletic body, without gaining too much weight. Since we have a daily structure, he also became more quiet. 
I have received lots of compliments about Sammie. People ask me what kind of breed he is. Very proud I tell them that he is definately not a full breed. But a beautiful very sweet, happy, unique cross that was saved from a certain death. 
Sam is now a wonderful friend to our other dogs John and Bieke and he touches our heart and make us happy. 
My compliments to everybody at Ace for their involvement and guidance. 




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