March 11, 2016 10:53
I would like to share with you the story of our Sarka, today she has been with us for 5 years!
It seemed like yesterday when we went to collect her at the airport, we were so happy but Sarka was so scared. She was so afraid but we were patient.
I had taken 2 weeks holiday so that she wouldn’t be alone during the first time and soon she trusted me. Slowly she was gaining some confidence but then I went back to work and she was sometimes alone with my husband, she literally was hiding under the table. She was so scared, she developed fear of being alone. She completely scratched our front door until she was bleeding!
After 2 months my husband had enough, he so much wanted a dog and now he had one and couldn’t approach her. ”I will return her”, is what he said but for me that was not an option, she had taken a place in my heart. I said that we would get another one, a puppy that he could choose. A month later our mach pit bull arrived. And Sarka recovered quickly! She enjoyed the puppy and was so happy not to be alone anymore. A wonderful time began, we enjoyed our dogs!
In December 2012 we were married, our 2 dogs brought the rings to the altar, wonderful!
In September 2015 we have become parents of our daughter, Sarka had to get used to getting a little less attention. But she is so sweet to her! What a wonderful dog!
In December 2015 we, virtually, adopted a dog from the killing station, what a sad picture, with a small donation we have ‘saved’ her. The honor of saving her goes completely to you of course. We have named this pretty girl after our daughter, Neri. Fate decided that we received a mail today that Neri has been adopted on the same day that we are celebrating that Sarka has been living with us for 5 years. We would have liked to embrace her too but with 2 dogs and a baby we are busy enough. We hope that this dog will go to a loving family.
7-3-2011 until 7-3-2016! 5 years together, hopefully there will be at least another 5 years!



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