Sol, before Brandy

Sol, before Brandy

April 23, 2015 13:40
Our Sol (before Brandy) has been with us since the Autumn holidays. She was very fearful and unsure but also very sweet.
It is a privilege to watch her grow but it is also confronting to see the obstacles she sometimes has to conquer.
We will never know what has happened to her but it is sure it wasn’t pleasant and here in Holland we can’t imagine this.
But now she can be a normal dog, her bark has come back and she now plays with balls and sticks.
She is surrounded by love and it is impossible to describe how much love we receive back from her.
Not for a moment have we regretted our decision to adopt a dog from ACE and we can recommend everyone to do the same.
The support was super and the commitment from all the workers from ACE was phenomenal.

Muchas gracias a todos!
Erik, Nadine, Lotte & Merijn Nuijten.



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