Tahip, now Wakan

Tahip, now Wakan

February 4, 2015 11:49
We send you some photo’s of our sweet dog Wakan (Tahip).
He is such a super sweet, intelligent, attentive dog. From day 2 he felt completely at home.
Our other dogs, the Malinois and the Farm Collie (Boerenfox), especially the last one, are his best friends. He is very careful with my grandson. The communication between him and ourselves is going well. We are very attached to him. Today I went to the vet for a prescription of his medication Alopurinol. His cough is completely gone and his lip is almost cured. At the moment he weighs almost 34 kg. Within 3 months we will have a blood test done. The vet asked me if you can send the results of his first blood test so that we can compare the results.

Thank you.
Kind regards,



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