Thor aka Hein

Thor aka Hein

January 12, 2015 17:08
Thor is now 2 years and 3 months old and he is still our sweet, beautiful dog! During the summer holidays he went with us to Spain, he has been super good during the trip of 1300 km: in the beginning his head went up when we stopped at the peage but after some time he didn’t bother…..
In Spain he went everywhere with us: walks in nature, terraces in Pamplona, jumping in a river,…..
And of course the siesta. The photo shows him during a walk with the dog of my brother, in the photo they look relaxed but they will not be quiet for a second and the hairs are flying around!
We are still going to dog school a few times every month and Eric and Thor are easily jogging 10 km together. In the house Thor is very quiet and the cat is no longer afraid of the black monster…..
Thor is still very sensitive and nervous and that is difficult sometimes. In the meantime I have received my testimony “ethology fundamental dog behavior” to be able to understand him better and to know how to treat certain behavior. Next week I will be starting with some private sessions at dog school to work on his nervousness…….
And so we will get there, step by step, we and our sweet Thor.
We hope you are doing fine and that next year will be a healthy a good year with a new home for many dogs!




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