Tita, before Tecla

Tita, before Tecla

November 8, 2014 13:49
It has been one and a half years since the happy arrival of Tita. Time for an evaluation.
In June 2013 I decided to adopt a dog. The requirements: quiet, social, child friendly, cat friendly, enjoying a drive, can be alone and not too large. At the website I found some dogs. And then the decision , maybe the sad looking brown-white dog? We drove to Wilrijk, we walked her and we noticed that she came along willingly, like we knew each other for years. Bon, Tita could come to Melsele. She came on Monday night and Tuesday morning I wanted to go for a swim. What to do with Tita? I worried for nothing, Tita stayed in the car and destroyed nothing! Since then it is our daily routine, we go together to the pool, I swim and Tita sleeps in the car until I return.
Until the SHIN day I was convinced that Tita was the sweetest and best dog of the whole of SHIN. Until I saw in Zoersel that it was full with the best and sweetest dogs! But maybe Tita is just a little ?…..? My compliments for the great organization and thanks to Lieven Debrauwer (of Farah) for the beautiful photo’s of Tita.
In the one and a half years Tita has conquered every heart. She has her own fan club. Everywhere she can come to stay and everyone wants to take her for a walk. The cats are still the boss. But she has overcome her fear of the donkeys from Anegria (www.anegria.be ). There are 7 SHIN dogs at Anegria with whom she can play. Tita can walk free in the forest. She is sniffing with so much concentration that she never sees the rabbits around her. And then they say that she belonged to a hunter in Spain. I am so grateful that she has escaped the sad life of her colleague hunting dogs.
When you take Tita for a walk, people will talk to you. Everyone gets to hear her story and the story of SHIN. Hopefully in this way I will motivate people to also adopt a dog instead of buying from a breeder.

Thank you SHIN and also a big thank you to Nancy Bertels and Heidi who looked after Tita while she was living in Belgium.

Kind regards,



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