Woof, this is Toosje!

Meanwhile I have been with my owners for more than a month and it is about time to tell you something about me. 
The time goes so fast! It seems like yesterday that I landed in Zaventem. The first weekend went very well. It was the eastern weekend and I got to meet the whole family. I felt at home immediately. 
I have a super connection with my children owners... i don't leave their side.. when they play, I join them. Sometimes I have to pay attention that I am getting too great. 
I also had a really good friend, Pebbles the little pincher. Unfortunately I get sad when I think about her.... she passed away too early... i was sad for a while but the kids helped me forget about. 
As a last point I want to tell that I am really enjoying myself here. I love to play in the garden and love to join my owners to go with them everywhere they go. When they grab the leash, I go crazy. But when they have to go to work I also enjoy myself. I will lay down in the chair and get some rest so I can join the fun whem they get back. 
I have to go now, the kids are calling me! Woof woof xx



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