January 18, 2016 19:37
Hi everyone,

My name is Totie, maybe you have read about me in Fabienne’s diary, the title was: ‘when they are sick or old, put them in the bin’. What most people don’t know is that I was already waiting to go to my foster family. My future foster mama was on holiday in Mijas with her 2 SHIN dogs: Lima and Fausto and she wanted to visit the refugio. One year earlier she had done the same with Lima and she returned home with an extra dog: Fausto. I was sunbathing and I still had that large tumor. She thought it was horrible! After working for so many years and never having known a real home, I was now in a shelter, old and sick.
After talking to her mama and Fabienne I could come in foster care and she would make me better in Belgium, how great was that! She left and she promised that she would come back for me. My condition deteriorated and I needed an operation, everything went fine, it was peanuts after everything that had happened to me before.
And, some time later she came back with her mama and a friend, they put a new collar on me and cuddled me so much I almost suffocated. Friday November 20th they took me from my kennel, that I shared with a handsome young guy: Javier who also recovered from a difficult operation and who is now also adopted. They also fitted a harness because she was scared that I would escape when we had landed in Rotterdam. It was dark when we landed with several other dogs and COLD!!!!!!!
It was a long drive to the Belgium coast. There I sleep in my bench with a soft pillow, LOVELY, with my foster mama next to me. The next day my foster mama was nervous because I was going to meet Fausto and Lima. We met in the drive way and it was fine, it was like I had always lived here. I was also immediately house trained, yes I had to be on my best behavior, with the cats I am fine, kids are no problem and I am super social with other dogs.
I had also wrapped auntie and uncle around my slender paw and a couple of friends of my foster mama. To make short a long story; my foster mama is now my adoption mama. Yes, well done, 0 to 10. I am 11 years old and need to go outside regularly, I also need a bit of medical care ( my mama is a veterinary assistant very handy) and I just fit here perfectly.
I love long walks, lying on a soft pillow, sleeping on a bed (I learned that form auntie Diane) playing in the garden etc. I am very happy, my body may be old but my mind is young.
Last Wednesday we went for a walk with other Spanish dogs that are living in Holland, it was super nice! You can see my boss with 6 of us, we will do anything for a cookie! I hope we will do it again.
So as you can hear, I am doing great! I wish for all dogs and cats from the refugio that they will also be able to enjoy their own boss and basket in a home!

Sweet greetings,



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