Update betty

Update betty

June 30, 2015 17:26
Betty is one of the four sisters from the nest with Sue, Peggy and Daisy. We collected her at Schiphol on January 30th, she has been with us for 5 months now.
Betty is doing very well and we are crazy about her. She is very social with other dogs and also with people. We have just returned from a camping holiday and have also been away with her for a few short weekends and she loves everything as long as she can come too. She also enjoys sitting in the bicycle cart or the basket at the back of the bike. We also have a little boat which she also enjoys…….She is a good swimmer so she can cool down when the temperatures are hot.
She is eating well and gets her bones and rewards but she seems to be smaller than her sisters. She hasn’t been sterilized yet because the vet thought it better to wait until after her first heat, which still has to come. Puppy training she also enjoyed and she did very well and after the summer holidays she will start the young dogs training. Of course she is a very naughty dog, like all puppies, when the bathroom door is open, she grabs the toilet roll in one second and everything else she can put her teeth in. We regularly buy new dog toys and bones to chew but people things are, of course, much more interesting.
She runs free often (we live in an area with forest) and she listens well when we call her.
We are very happy with her and she is happy with us.

Regards from us….
Herman, Joke and of course Betty.



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