story of Kai

story of Kai

June 1, 2015 12:38
Kai (Ben8810)

Hereby a story about our sweet Kai. Kai has been living with us for 3 months now and we are so happy with him! He is so beautiful, so sweet and so cuddly! He so much wants to please us. At the beginners course this was obvious and we are now busy with sports and play and it shows that his big ears can also listen very well! Kai is afraid of loud noises but he is improving a lot lately. It the beginning he was also afraid of traffic driving past, sounds from the neighbors, from the cat going through the cat flap and so on. Luckily thing are so much easier for him now that he is used to living here. It has been difficult in the beginning for such a sensitive darling……….His trust is now so good that he can walk free, he hardly leaves our side. Every night we go to the field nearby where he meets his dog friends. That is always a party and he can run so very fast! At night Kai sleeps cozy with the cats in his bench. During the day he is sometimes alone for about 2 hours and that is going well. He likes to relax in his bench then but often, when we return, he is chilling on the sofa! Maybe he doesn’t realize this yet but he has found a home for life!



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