February 3, 2015 11:32
After a week, Wesley, who is now called Chico, belongs completely to our family.
I have never had such an easy dog.
He found out in no time how to handle the other dogs. He always behaves very submissive to our princess Lily and then the next moment he jumps between her and one of us on the sofa. When he feels like playing with Melo, he steals his ball and gets all the attention from our ball junk ?.
He isn’t easily scared, when he is impressed he recovers in no time and goes to investigate.
It is a luxury to get a dog from a Spanish shelter that is already house trained.
He is very people orientated and loves to cuddle, he prefers to be always close to you. Nevertheless when Roland had to go away for an hour unexpectedly- being alone (with his dog friends) proved to be no problem. He really enjoys our garden where he can run large rounds and where there is always something to sniff at. The walks we will slowly expand so he can gradually get used to his new environment ( and to not make him too tired because in the shelter he couldn’t run and walk for hours).
Now I have also some photo’s with good light.
About your organization I wanted to say: Chico arrived at the airport well groomed, with short nails, clean teeth and you also treated him against worms and fleas the day before the trip (according to his passport), I think that is great! With so many dogs to look after in the shelter this is not taken for granted.

Katharina and Roland



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