January 28, 2016 20:06
Lady Yuma (Beyonce) has been living with us for almost 7 months now.
What can we tell about these months? A lot.
From the first meeting we were charmed by this lady.
The meeting with our children went fine. At first Yuma was scared of everything and everybody.
The gate of the school, trucks, we had to watch out with Yuma. Every day we see improvement.
Yuma is blossoming in our family and our son is her biggest friend. Our American cocker Spaniel loves to play and sleep with her. These two are inseparable. Yuma knows very well when she can come in the car or when it is time for a walk. She loves to run free on the beach or in the fields. But when you leave her and Charlie to run free, they play and run but you can forget about listening to you.
After a few days Yuma was house trained. But after a holiday period of 3 weeks she doesn’t want to be left alone. She pees or poos or damages the walls. We have tried everything to stop this. Closed bench, open bench. NO GO. Yuma lets herself go whenever you try to direct her to the bench. We have said some bad words but our Spanish lady has become a part of our family. You don’t give up your children when they do something wrong. She is so grateful when we take her for a walk or when we play with her. She is very sweet to the whole family and new people she sniffs and when they are okay they also receive the Yuma cuddles. She has grown enormously in these 7 months. In the beginning she was very scared of the vacuum cleaner but today I could almost vacuum her paws. We will try a few other things but above all we will enjoy the company of our sweet, playful, sometimes crazy, always grateful dog!
Are we able to live without Yuma? Not a moment or like our son would say: “No way!’



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