Ziggy en Pietje

Ziggy en Pietje

Sometimes I look at the ACE website. I say sometimes because I can’t face the animal suffering and I have already adopted two ACE dogs.

But sometimes I visit the website to read the beautiful stories. The success stories don’t just fall from the sky, they are the result of the hard work of the ACE team, the donations and the people who do have a heart for animals.

Five and six years ago I have adopted Ziggy and Pietje (now called Finn). From the first moment they consideredthemselves brothers. They are inseparable.

Every day when I come home from work, my friends welcome me with their tails wagging. 

Thank you ACE for letting me put Ziggy and Finn into my heart.

Please continue the good work. You make the difference yourself by taking the first step and embracing an animal friend.


Sweet animal greetings,

Yvonne Oerlemans.



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