A special meeting

A special meeting

Evert, Evangelo and Evita
Now Rossi, Donny and Evi, 2 brothers and a sister, adopted in Holland. 3 beautiful galgo mixes, they look so much alike!

After some contact via mail, it turned out that the owners liked the idea of meeting each other. We were all very curious to see each others dogs. And would the dogs still recognize each other? Luckily we all lived  within reasonable distances, so we have set a date for a doggy date.

April 2nd
Today is the day. How exciting! We have arranged to meet in Hoek van Holland. A place where dogs can walk free and of the leash in the dunes and on the beach. The sun is shining, we are up for a good start! In the car and on the way

Fun and play
Rossi and Evi immediately had a connection, of the leash and started running together. Left, right, through the dunes and back. Such fun!  On the beach we met Donny and his buddy Bully, a Jack Russell. Donny was a bit frightened still and stayed safely close to Bully. A found tennis ball broke the ice... They all started to run afther the ball. 

Walking and chatting makes thirsty. And the dogs really needed a drink. We found a nice terrace and talked further. We recognized a lot of the behaviour of our dogs. Does your dog do the same thing? What kind of food do you give? How do you act on that? What kind of leash do you use? It is easy to talk about dogs and other things around them for a really long time haha!

Next time
3 athletic great dogs with shiny coats, proud owners. The afternoon went by so quick. We will definetely meet up soon again, we will keep in contact. 

Evi's owner made beautiful photo's, a nice memory of this day. 



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