Dear giants in foster

Dear giants in foster

August 20, 2014 13:31
In June 2013 I went to the killing station in Fuengirola.
That day my heart ruled my head!!
Ruby a beautiful young mastin, was just lying in a tiny cage having just given birth to 6 pups who were all dead. Lena was looking out of her little cage with those beautiful eyes.
The next day it would happen...  and they new...

I took them home and they have been with me a year now in foster with many others. They are loving, affectionate and sociable dogs, but it's time now for them to have permanent homes. Do any of them touch your heart ?.......

They are great in a home environment, they get on well with other dogs and are very affectionate and loving. They enjoy their countryside walks and are very good with both adults and children.



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