Open house...

Open house...

December 18, 2016 19:52
Today we organized our ‘open house’, it was nice despite the cold weather....
Our acquaintances came to support us and we had nice talks and hugs, great to be together every once in a while….Wonderful to be with the dogs.
Many people put their first steps into the quarantine space and into section 4……
A landmark in the life of ACE SHIN. This year we exist 17 years and we have saved more than 18000 lives……If only I could give them all a kiss on their heads……
18.000……That is a lot and we didn’t see it coming……

Thanks to everyone who was present and gave us a hand!!

Our wonderful students Rick and Melissa were giving out flyers, together with some volunteers, in Mijas. Unfortunately the police stopped them and told them they were not allowed to hand out flyers, here you need a permit to do so!!
When I talked to the police on the phone they told me it was a disgrace that we dared to hand out flyers, I thought: “This can’t be true”, and told the police lady that we are a rescue center, that since many years we informed people in this way about our ‘open house’….
“Well” I heard, “From today not anymore”….Recue or no rescue and a whole lot of negativity and threats came into my ears….We had to stop and we would get a fine of 150 Euro…..
At such a moment you really lose your courage, we never ask for 1 Euro from the municipality and we receive no help at all…..
‘Open house’ is meant to inform people about what we are doing or to receive some food for the dogs…..But they don’t want us to have that…..It is not allowed to hand out flyers and you even get fined…..

Our whole ‘open house’ didn’t get us 150 Euro…..But the fine will send to us, how sad can it be….
But we are saving defenseless dogs from the streets so we can’t give up…..
Our dogs need us, but sometimes…..
Sometimes there are days…..

Tomorrow a new day in good health and tell yourself: “They don’t know any better…..”




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