A new cover for Isabelleke

A new cover for Isabelleke

April 17, 2014 15:00
A new cover for Isabelleke, to bring shadow, a thousand times thanks,......

Our Isabelleke has about 40 to 50 dogs, just like with us, they are thrown over the gate, brought to the door or the police will phone for help so that they don’t have to bring every dog to the killing station. The little woman of 110 cm has given up everything in her life to be with her dogs who will be given up for adoption to make room for new ones, just like we do,…….
We are helping where we can. This time Isabelleke received a new shadow cover as a donation. She is very, very happy with it. She also received some new houses, some gifts, in the name of Isabelleke, a big thank you!!!




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