SHIN dogs are capable of so much

SHIN dogs are capable of so much

August 23, 2014 17:45
When I go with Bobbie & Pepe with the group of therapy dogs to ‘Het Vlot’, the people there are always happy to see us. Impatient, with their coats on, they are waiting for us. “Hopefully it will not rain”,” I hope they will come”, is how they worry.
The dogs love it; the walk, the strokes, the kisses and all the attention. When we return they ask us when we will come again and if Bobby will also come because he has such beautiful eyes and “Look”, “Do you think Bobby likes me?”
“You will come back soon?”
When I see how much these moments mean to the residents, it makes me feel touched and humble and very proud that these rescue dogs who were dumped in the refugio and counting down the days in the killing station, are now so valuable and have so much to offer, it is a joy for people and animal…….


Pepe & Bobbie  (before Pipe & Bobbien)



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