Stevie Wonder is born again...

July 7, 2014 12:36
Our Stef is doing well, very well indeed. He is a very happy guy who enjoys everything. He plays like a puppy, is a fanatic with his floss rope, lots of sound and sometimes a bark. Especially when our large dogs start barking. He holds his head askew and barks with them. We don’t know exactly how much he can hear but it is obvious he hears something; high sounds, vibrations??
After our holiday at the beginning of August, we will take him to Wageningen to see if there is something to be done about his blindness and deafness. It would be wonderful if he would be able to see a bit, just for himself.
We know he manages fine here, the first day we walked with him through the garden. When he has a problem, he walks around in circles, we then help him along and walk with him. We stamp a little louder with our feet on the ground and he obviously notices. When he wakes up it is one big party again, he discovers us again and we receive a nice wash. Also with our 3 other dogs he gets along great, everything is so much above our expectations.
Stef is not house trained so every now and then there is a little accident. We are working on it. When he wakes up at night and becomes very enthusiastic, I take him downstairs and put him on the grass. Comparable with training a puppy.
My husband and Stef are like 4 hands on one stomach! Unbelievable! Stef will miss him when he will be away for 1 week. After that we will all go to France for 3 weeks, so they can make up for lost time.
Like my husband said yesterday: “Stef has been born again”……..

Have a nice Sunday,



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