Alois in memoriam

Alois in memoriam

January 6, 2015 12:40
Unfortunately the new year has started bad for me.
A fortnight ago I took Alois to a quiet place where he could walk free, he was still very much afraid of people but here it was always quiet. That day he didn’t want to walk, very strange, I thought he was having back problems again. Last week he couldn’t place his one foot, like he was paralyzed.
I took him to the vet and the x-ray didn’t show anything bad but according to my vet it could be a tumor grown on a nerve. He gave us medication and we hoped for the best. Within a week his whole backside was paralyzed. Alois didn’t have pain, he just kept going despite his backside dragging behind him. Today we paid another visit to the vet. The answer to my question about the prognosis was clear. To diagnose the exact problem Alois had to undergo a ct-scan but the paralysis was a fact.
Things could get worse with metastasis. He hadn’t deserved this.
Unfortunately I had to decide that it was better for him to travel to Zasha. I hope that when he arrives there he will be able to walk and play again but also that he will be less fearful.
His ashes will be scattered above the sea, so he will be free.
It is strange, but despite having to say goodbye to several dogs, the death of Alois is very difficult for me. He was still happy despite his paralysis, probably because he wasn’t in pain.
I miss my big friend.

Greetings from Gerrie with one paw missing.



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