Barney in memoriam

Barney in memoriam

June 3, 2015 18:24
Barney (Zakir)

November 2011, You were already 10 years old when we adopted you and you went through a lot.
Your world was one of neglect and exploitation, like Fabienne told in her story.
You always had to be the humble dog, without rights, without respect, you were used to undergo everything without protest, until ACE liberated you. You didn’t know toys and never learnt to play with them. Still you were happy with your new Boxer wife, Prada, who looked after you.
Then another set-back, Prada suffered from bone cancer and had to leave you. This scarred you forever. But then came Dino, he cheered you up, you tail was wagging again.
And then, that terrible skin cancer!! Why? Is there a God?
We have given you the best possible care, chemo has helped a few times to stop the cancer from spreading but in the end you were so weak that we had to give up.

June 1st at 11 o’clock we softly let you go, surrounded by much love.
Sweet Barney, we will miss you so badly,

Your bosses and Dino
We will say goodbye with this poem because you have earned this respect.

When two brown eyes are asking you
Please help me, I don’t feel good.
Can you, because you feel this is the end…..Be selfish?
When the doctor tells you, this will never go away
And he will get more pain.
Can you, because you don’t want him to go…..Be selfish?
When two sweet brown eyes are closing
Forever and you have to go home without him
With the leash in your hand and a heart full of pain.
You try to convince yourself, this was for the best.
We can’t be selfish.
You were with us a few years and during all those beautiful years
You were never for once……Selfish!
Rest softly Barney

Fam. Ivens-Verbeke



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