Bobby (Brooke)

November 20, 2013 22:26
On November 18th, in the evening at 19.00, you passed away in our arms.
From the beginning you were our special needs dog because of your heart problems.
That didn’t stop you, with the help of our vet, from running, playing, digging and catching rabbits during many years.
Everything you did together with your great friend Molly, who arrived with you, 8 years ago, at Zaventem airport.
You were intensely sweet, faithful and a very good hunter, so that my vegetable garden was always free form rabbits and moles.
You warned me when the door bell rang and knew perfectly when people came with good intentions and when I had to watch out.
The last month your health was deteriorating until you couldn’t breathe properly yesterday and we had to take that very difficult decision.
You showed us that you didn’t want to go on.
It is good this way.

Thank you, sweet Bobby, for the 8 beautiful years that we spend with you.
We would like to thank ACE SHIN that we were able to adopt such a good, sweet dog.

A very sad Wil, Francien and Molly



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