December 28, 2012 15:33
A word from her bosses,.....

Diva, our Diva, unbelievable that you had to go, big tears on our cheeks, impossible to understand why we had to say goodbye to this unique dog. You were  ‘unique’, you understood us, was always content and satisfied as long as you enjoyed our company and especially your daddy. At 17.00 she was waiting for her food which she always enjoyed, when you said ‘pipi’, she would do it, if you were sad she would come to comfort you,…….
She wasn’t really a dog, she was more like a human being on 4 legs, incredible beautiful.
To live without you is going to be very difficult, we will miss you terribly (to whom do I practice my Spanish now?)
But you have been happy until your last breath, sweet darling, you were lying there so helpless without protest, looked deeply into our eyes one last time and then you were gone, freedom.
Bah, death is something so dirty and unexpected.
We don’t realize it yet, you can enter the room at any moment panting, but unfortunately this is life!

Thank you Diva that we have known you and loved you!
Be happy wherever you are and know that we will never forget you, Chiqui, you are engraved in our heart for always!!!
Big hug and sleep softly!!!



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