Dyson in memoriam

Dyson in memoriam

January 13, 2015 13:51
We want to inform you that our sweet Dyson, before Starsky, has past away last Saturday, January 10th.
He came to live with us on May 24th,2013 and he was such a scared and skinny animal.
Luckily we live in a village because mister really loved the front door. As soon as somebody came in he took his chance and ran away. After a lot of searching and calling he would challenge us at the field in front of our house. He was so crazy about tennis balls but you should never buy the wrong (too soft) ones because they would only last 5 minutes and then the ball could be found in the garden in 20 pieces. His jaws were so strong, he would never give up the ball and it was impossible to take it from him!
Soon we discovered that we should quickly throw a ball when he ran away, he would then come to us to challenge us and we could put the collar on him and take him home.
When there were too many people in the house he would prefer to lie in the shed together with his pillow pet and his toys.
He was always a bit timid and would shiver sometimes but when we would show him the ball it stopped.
He received medication to treat his leishmania but last summer he wasn’t well, he lost weight and had no energy. We had his blood checked and it showed that the leishmania was playing up again. He received medication for a month and was very sick. Afterwards he was fine again, fit and fanatic!
In December he became again tired and didn’t want to go out. He received his yearly vaccinations and was much too skinny but he didn’t grow no matter what we tried to feed him.
On Wednesday he was given extra anti-inflammatories and he vomited even more. On Friday he couldn’t see and when we got up on Saturday morning he wasn’t doing well and we went to the vet. He had suffered from a stomach/bowel bleed. He was given some injections and medication and he had lost a lot of blood and was feeling so cold. We have put him in front of the heating all day and tried to give him the medication but at the end of the day things only became worse and he lost more blood. We then phoned the vet and let him die on this Saturday night.
He has a nice spot in our large back garden.
The time we have had with him we will never forget and we will miss our sweetheart so terribly!
Sweet Dyson for always in our <3 <3 <3.

Familie E. Van der Linden



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