fabbeke in memoriam

fabbeke in memoriam

January 21, 2014 13:21
Fabbeke, when you were 4 months old, you came into foster care with us. We gave you the name Fabbeke as a tribute to Fabienne. After 2 failed adoptions we decided that you would stay with us.
You were a real Podenco, very active but oh so sweet. Every dog was your friend. In June you came with us to your birth country. Together with your boss and 2 other dogs you went to live there. I will come to live there in May but fly to you every month to bring the rest of the dogs. For 6 months everything was fine and then you ran away. After a few hours you came back, scared and exhausted. On Friday, January 2nd you ran away again, why, we don’t know. That night I came back from Holland and you were gone. After searching for a week I had to go back to Holland. On Sunday, January 12th , I received a message, a Spanish lady had seen you lying by the side of the road. Not far from home you were found, hit by a car. Your boss has collected you and buried you at home.
Rest softly, little girl!

Your boss.



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