Floortje in memoriam

Floortje in memoriam

February 12, 2015 13:36
In memoriam: Floortje (Bollie)

Unfortunately I have to inform you that our sweet, little Floortje has died.
In Merelbeke Gent we were told that her situation was hopeless. They have done some examinations and they discovered that she suffered from a chronic inflamed pancreas, the surrounding organs were also affected. There is no medication for the pancreas problems and the inflammations would transform into tumors. Because Floortje had been in pain for some time, which she didn’t always show, we have saved her from suffering.
I am sorry that we had to make this decision……..But for Floor this was better.
I am still very sad and miss her terribly. During the last 4 months she needed intensive care.

Saskia Merk, Breskens



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