In memoriam Balou

April 5, 2016 21:00
We had to say good bye to our Balou (ACE Teddybear)
Much too soon and in a very tragic way.
He managed to escape last Friday. For 3 hours we have been calling him. Luckily we are living in a quiet area and he remained in the fields around our farm. Until we heard brakes and a lot of shouting…..Our neighbor was driving away from her house……And exactly at that moment our Balou was crossing the street…..She couldn’t stop in time……He was killed instantly.
He would have been with us for one year on June 10th. He was a real sweet, soft darling. He is being missed enormously by us and our 2 children. Luca, 5 years old, was his favorite. Alessia, 3 years old, still talks about him every day.
It wasn’t meant to be……We have buried him in our garden so that we can visit him every day….

Stijn, Marleen, Luca and Alessia.



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