In memoriam Bertis

In memoriam Bertis

June 13, 2016 15:38
Unfortunately I have to give you the sad news that Betis has died on Monday. We are very sad.
The vet has tried to save her with infusions at our home. Unexpectedly she suffered from kidney problems. But it didn't help. We have been with her all the time before it happened. She has never been alone and she died in my arms.
At the time it was love at first sight when I first saw her at the ACE website. She was such a sweet and great dog. We are very happy that we adopted her and were able to offer her a good home. After six months of physio therapy she was able to walk well again and we went for many walks in the forest.
The photo's were taken in March 2016.

Many greetings,
Melanie Feil.



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