In memoriam Boba

In memoriam Boba

July 5, 2014 19:36
On November 1st, 2009, the most brave lady, first class, became part of our family.
After a long road of searching for trust in people, this darling blossomed!
Like a princess she enjoyed everything…..
But on June 9th, 2014, the hardest decision a person has to take in his life was made.
A dignified farewell from life on earth, after a tough fight against Leishmania.
I know your soul will play now happily in another world but I am so grateful for the beautiful years and the wise lessons you have taught me.
It hurts me that I had to let you go but I don’t give up and I will try to give a golden basket to as many dogs as possible.If only because I would like to see a happy glint in those innocent eyes, like with you.

Thank you, sweet darling that I belonged to you X



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