In memoriam Caline

July 6, 2016 22:34
We found you on the internet, at the ACE website. You were a small, fluffy bear of only 4 months old. Our heart broke and we adopted you. We were waiting for you at Zaventem when you arrived in that big airplane from Spain. We brought some snacks, a drink and a leash. You would become the friend of the whole family and the friend of our Cairn TerrierLobke. Together we went on many adventures all through Europe. We also visited windsurf competitions and you were an enthusiastic supporter of the children. We have made kilometer long walks in the mountains, yes, even when you became a bit older you joined us happily, we understood and just walked a bit slower. Also this year, during the Easter break you came with us. No problem, at home we did our usual walks along the Nete. One and a half hour was our daily walk, we took your leash and you would come, full of energy and happy. 

Until the middle of May, you stopped eating and drinking and were lying in your basket tiredly. We tried giving you special food to give you energy and together with the vet we tried everything but your kidney’s stopped working and your once so strong body gave up.

You kept going until the kids returned from Leuven to be able to see them one more time and then it was finished, you slowly passed away.

Calineyou  were a dream dog and all of us are so happy that you have been part of our lives. 

You were the sun in our home. Thank you for the friendship and the companionship that you have given us. For the unconditionally faith you showed us.

You came from hell in Spain were friendly people offered you a second chance and we have given you a golden basket via them. I hope you have had the same good time with us as we have had with you. You are now united with your old friend Lobke with whom you always cheered up the place here.

Forever on our minds.


Karen, KjellImke, Patrick.



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