In memoriam Chip

In memoriam Chip

October 30, 2016 23:31
 Unfortunately our sweet Chip has passed away today.

At the beginning of September she suddenly became very ill. The vets didn’t know what the problem was (we didn’t want them to perform complex examinations because of her age and her fear of the vet). After a few weeks it seemed that she was getting better but two weeks ago she almost stopped eating completely. Her stomach became bigger so maybe there was a tumor.

Today things went completely wrong.

Still we have enjoyed her a lot during the last 22 months and she has enjoyed us.

We hope that she has had a few good years with us.

We will miss her very much.

It is now very quiet in the house and we have to watch the door bell ourselves- she was always very loud.

Thank you for all the good work.


Kind regards,





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