in memoriam Donut

June 24, 2016 08:37
It has taken some time before I was able to write this piece.
About 3 weeks ago our sweet Donut has passed away.
He came to live with us in 2010. Donut, at that time 10 years old, had never had a reaction but we wanted very much to adopt him and so we did.

A super sweet little doggie, much too fat, came to Eindhoven where we collected him. From that moment our life changed a lot and not only ours.
Daily walks, immediately on a diet, because these kilos had to go. Soon Donut became nice and fit, certainly for a 10 year old. He needed some time to adapt, went on a course with young dogs and learned fast. A life in Holland with his own home, a warm place to sleep, toys and a measured portion of food, it was all new to him. But in a short time he had stolen everyone’s heart, his timidity had disappeared and his cheerful and devoted character showed and our joined adventures started.
Great walks in the park and the polder and the hunt for moles, mice, pheasants and everything else. Holidays in the forest, in the snow or at the beach. Playing with friends or out with the dog service. We have enjoyed wonderful adventures with our sweet dog!

After a while Donut was diagnosed with a leaking heart valve. But it didn’t bother him. He lived for many more years without medication. Only during his last year he needed medication. He has also torn the ligaments of his right hind paw. Luckily his meniscus wasn’t damaged and the old guy went through a natural healing process in which the surrounding muscles took over from the damaged ones. He recovered well in his 12th year, what a strong dog!
After a while another dog joined the family, Tobie, she became his big friend. And later another one joined. Donut had been attacked by 2 large dogs and had become a little scared and we thought it would be good to get him another friend. Maeve, now named Eva, came to join us. We couldn’t have found larger opposites. Donut, a Basset (13 years old) and Eva, an Epagneul Breton (3.5 years old). The two became sweet friends. Eva became the lightning conductor and the Donut’s fear disappeared fast. We all lived happily and enjoyed everything a lot. The special thing about him was that he has always remained a puppy. His face was always happy, always happy and curious and enthusiastic. A real hunting dog as we have noticed.

Donut has become 16.5 years old. His heart gave up which caused fluid behind his lungs. We were able to control this for a while but in the end we had to give up. We had to let our special, sweet friend go. We miss him terribly. But one thing is certain, we would never have wanted to live without him. One of the best choices we ever made, give a home to a small 10 year old guy!



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