In memoriam Esta

In memoriam Esta

Esta (Esther) came to live with me in 2009, she was around 5 years old and had been through a lot.

I only had her for a short time when she managed to tear loose from her collar and ran for 3 kilometers against traffic on the motorway. It remains a miracle how I managed to grab her.

Wevisited many dog schools together. It was great to see her self confidence growing.

She was a very sweet, feeling and modest dog and she received high results at the exams. She was also a contact dog for handicapped people because she was so careful.

Because of personal change in my life, she got 4 friends in 2012, all Huskies. They treated her more careful than each other. Beautiful to see how they ‘asked’ her to play with them, something she loved to do even when she was getting a bit older. Our large garden was an Eldorado for her. She had her freedom in a safe environment. I will never experience a dog with a more beautiful character.

At a certain moment you notice that your dog is suffering from some problems. Esta started pooping in the house and didn’t even realize this. But she still looked happy and loved to participate in everything. So I had no reason to say it was enough. This went on for quite some time and more problems were added. It started when her walks became shorter and then she didn’t want to come on the last walk of the day and so on. She suffered from cataracts, not a big problem but she also suffered from cancer, became deaf and had a weak backside.

One day she was standing up even more wobbly than normally and she looked like it had been enough. I took her and drove to the vet. He made time for us and she died quietly in my arms. I left her behind in tears and later I regretted this. The veterinary assistant managed to locate Esta and I had her cremated and I scattered her ashes in the sea. She loved to play there, we were living close.

So difficult to let your dog travel this last part alone. I will always remember. It is now almost 4 months ago and I think about her every day.

We are not bored because, besides the Huskies,  we have chosen a new ACE dog. In all ways she is the opposite of Esta. This new dog, Suka, is young, wild and giddy.

We will make something beautiful with her and we will form a bond.



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