In Memoriam Goofy

In Memoriam Goofy

July 20, 2016 22:26
You have passed away at the end of April 2016, just before your 5th birthday. You have only been with us for less than 2 years. The Leishmania has killed you.

You flourished so much in the time you were with us. That was beautiful to watch! Every time you dared to do more. When you were with us for one year I put your story in The ACE blog (

We were so happy with each other.

A few of the things I will never forget: you could run like the best, you were the fastest in the park. You had to chase a free running chicken. It was so scary to walk an open staircase, just like walking that high bridge. But after some time you did walk the open staircase and walked relaxed over the bridge. The cuddles that you came to get…….Your own spot in the bench where you liked to retire.

We will never forget you and we miss you now.

Sweet Goofy, rest softly and thank you for everything.





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