In memoriam Jaimy

September 28, 2015 20:02
To my great sadness I have to inform you that my dearest Cocker Spaniel Jaimy has died.
An acute hernia made me decide that I had to end his still young life.
So much pain and sickness and both his hind legs paralyzed………
Jaimy, a.k.a. James, who didn’t know about his hidden hunting instinct nor about going for a walk.
James, who developed into a real hunting dog, no bird was safe for him.
James, who would tap my shoulder when I was eating fries in the car, like he was saying, hey don’t forget about me?
Oh sweetheart, we were just about to go for a stiff walk last Saturday, I was more worried about Joey because of his heart problem.
Until that morning, you were eating and just fell over and you couldn’t get up, paralyzed and nothing could make it better despite all the injections and pain killers.
Yes and then comes the last injection…….Just before that happened you gave me a few licks on my cheek and you softly bit my nose, like always.
When I carried you from the house on Wednesday morning, there was a song playing on the radio: Friends for life, how appropriate……
I am wearing a ring with the inscription: Jordy, Joey and James, my friends forever……
Jordy and James, my Cocker Spaniels from Spain…..They are gone.
Only Joey, my Spaniard is here, with his friend Jody.
But even when they are no longer on this earth, they will stay in my heart forever.

Sleep well, sweet Jaimy,
Sleep well, Cocker man
Mammy will stay with you
So you can finally sleep
Put down your head
And close your eyes
May the pain flow away from you now
And you will float away
Away to the light.
Goodbye great darling, thank you for all your love!!!

Tieske Nieland, Joey and Jordy.



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