In memoriam Kookee

February 14, 2016 18:25
With great sadness in our hearts we have to inform you that Kookee quietly passed away on December 3rd.
We collected her from Zaventem in April 2007. She was then about 2 years old.
It is impossible to describe her in a few words, she was so good and our sadness is so large now……
She has always been very healthy. We only visited the vet for her vaccinations.
A year ago we noticed the first symptoms from what later turned out to be cancer. We have never given up hope but 2 weeks ago it went very fast and there was nothing we could do for her.
We are very grateful to you for saving her in 2007 so that we were able to spoil her for 8,5 years.
She was a sweetheart, our Kookee!!!



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