In memoriam Lanna

In memoriam Lanna

November 30, 2016 01:50
One year, one month and one week. That is the time Lannaand myself were together.

Tonight in the car she was lying in my arms like a warm but lifeless bundle of dog, on our way home. An aggressive tumor of the liver ended her short, seven year life, completely unexpected.

I loved her from the day she came to me. My winning lottery ticket.

In our short time together she brought me peace, joy of life,she brought me everything I needed. She made me look differently at things.

For all this I am very grateful to her. She was my very best mate.


We have spent the time we had almost always together, for this I am also grateful. I took her everywhere. She wanted to be everywhere, I wanted her to be everywhere. Without her- no matter what I did- the fun and satisfaction was never as great. I read recently that dogs wanted to be with their boss because they only live for a short time on this earth. It now shows that this was double the case for Lanna.


Lanna was always lovingly accepted by Bart. She was always welcome. She could go in ‘day care’ when I had to go away a few times for a bit longer. That was a great relief for me.

Despite being very selective in who she accepted in her ‘personal group of friends’ Lanna always had a warm place for Bart. For this I am also grateful.


Nobody knows how badly I will miss her, I myself don’t want to know. Our bond was so intense and strong, it seemed unbreakable. Until tonight.

It is so damn hard to understand what has happened. It went so fast, our worlds were so abruptly separated.


Thank you, sweet, sweet Lanna, for everything you meant to me and always will. I cherish all our moments, all our walks, all our car rides, all our cuddle sessions, all our looks we exchanged, all our love that we shared.

My sweet, sweet darling, rest softly.  



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