In memoriam Max

February 15, 2016 20:27
He arrived on a Friday, brought After being with us for 11 and a quarter years, we had to say good bye yesterday to our beloved Max
( Bazilleke) with much pain in our hearts but also with love because he didn’t have to suffer.
He was our third child in the house, that’s how it feels! He was such a wonderful dog!
by Dirk and he was also crazy about him! He was sitting in a bench together with a white Shepherd, he was sick because of the flight. We were so happy that they had arrived but they were so scared! But with lots of time and love he became a Golden dog!! We have enjoyed this dog so much!! Everybody was crazy about Max even children who were afraid of dogs, they overcame their fear and one family even got a dog!! I have shared good and bad with him. Max was my shadow! Where I went, Max went! When possible Max always came with me. God, I will miss him!! My mate.
On Sunday Max suddenly gave up blood. I went straight to the vet and he thought a blood vessel had broken because of the vomiting. He was given three injection and tablets to protect his stomach and then he would become better! But he didn’t get better and refused to eat and when he would drink he would start vomiting again. So after 3 days I went back to the vet. He was surprised by the deteriorating, things looked bad. I had a premonition a week ago that it would end bad. That was correct. I knew my dog so well! And we absolutely didn’t want him to suffer.
And so he also left on a Friday, my sweet, big friend, my shadow Max.



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