in memoriam Nuba

in memoriam Nuba

January 27, 2015 17:07
With pain in our hearts we have to inform you that our sweet Nuba has passed away on January 14th, 2015 at 13.30.
Nuba came into our lives on November 17th,2007 and has reached the blessed age of about 13 years.
Old age has it’s defects, also for Nula. At the beginning of January 2015 Nuba’s health deteriorated fast. We had her blood examined on January 7th and it showed high liver levels. The following days she was feeling bad and the scan of January 11th showed that her liver was extremely large with dark spots. Nuba was a tough one but she couldn’t win this fight.
January 14th our vet has let her die, at home, in her familiar environment.
Nula has been cremated on January 16th.
Nula was self willed but very faithful. Our house was clearly her home the moment she arrived from Spain.
Her urn will be placed at a nice spot in our house or in the garden, this way she will always be close to us. We have enjoyed our walks together in the forest and at the heath. Together to the work of the boss, together on holiday, digging up the garden and sleeping in the shade in the sandpit.

Kind regards,
Fam van Uden.



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