In memoriam One

January 2, 2016 18:04
 With great sadness we have inform you about the death of One, our wise stray dog that we adopted from ACE about 11 years ago. In February he would have become 13 years old….

He died at the end of November because of liver failure. Our vet has tried everything but without result.

This has had an immense impact on our life and our family.

One was a dog who enjoyed life and he was very down to earth about everything and while he has now started his next adventure we are also slowly finding a new rhythm.

One of the aspects is that we want to complete our puzzle again and offer a shelter dog a permanent home. We were very glad that the newest addition to the family (Darka, a mix Podenco of 5,5 years old) was here to support us when One died. She has supported us and our other dog Loki very well when we all collapsed like a pudding because our big guy had left us.




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