in memoriam Pimpinella

April 11, 2016 19:41
We had been very careful with the measuring and removal of the mammary gland tumors. It was a bitter disappointment when we were told, after the hospitalization, that the cancer had spread to her lungs. The prognosis was that my little girl had only 2 months to live. Because Pimpinella was such a sweet, cheerful dog full of vitality and resiliency, we have done everything, together with a holistic doctor, to keep Pimpinella happy and pain free for as long as possible! After her past in Spain, she deserved nothing less!
And Pimpinella turned out to be a miracle girl, we have been happy for another 19 months.
She has become almost 16 years old…..
Pimpinella, a very special girl!

Pimpinella ? – April 7th, 2016.

Only one thing left
To make it better for her
That is what I did
With all my love
I let her go again……
I wish I could have brought her home
Then I would have said:
“This is Pimpinella, my biggest treasure
So love her
Like I have loved her!
Look after her, now I can’t do it anymore
So that she can float, happy and free
And give her a kiss from me!”
Now she is on her own on her way to the stars,
The moon and the sun
Heaven is celebrating
And I know why!

Pimpinella, thank you for everything, my darling
We did have a FANTASTIC time together!



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