In memoriam Thor

In memoriam Thor

November 3, 2016 20:45
 My sweet Thorretje, my big white prince. Unfortunately I had to let him go because he couldn’t walk anymore. So much sadness and pain.

I adopted Thor in 2010, he had been stolen from the shelter a few times and had to leave there as soon as possible. The plan was that I would foster him but when I saw him I fell in love immediately.

I am writing this with tears in my eyes, my cuddly bear has gone.

I still have Barnaby, she was called Marya before and is also very sad. I would love to adopt another MastinMerchetouched me a lot so I am hoping that she will recover and maybe I could do something for her. I send a photo of Thor, I have so many nice photo’s and so many beautiful memories. He was such a great sweetheart. I wanted to inform you about this because it was a special story at the time.



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